SAM Technology's MANSCAN is a state-of-the-art system for performing high-resolution EEG and event-related potential (ERP) studies and for integrating the results with magnetic resonance images. Results of these studies provide unique views of structural and functional neuroanatomy. Its analysis and visualization functions quickly and easily quantify features from EEGs and ERPs, leading neuroscience toward the goal of uniting brain electrical activity with brain anatomy.

MANSCAN's spatial and temporal signal processing functions are flexible and intuitive to use. Sophisticated image-processing techniques enable you to create realistic 3-D models of your subject's head and brain from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data and to precisely align EEG activity from scalp or subdural electrodes with the underlying anatomical structures. Thanks to the patented system for integrating EEG electrode positions with MRIs, and a unique patented method, called DEBLURRING™, MANSCAN brings you the world's sharpest and most detailed high-resolution EEG images without the distortion due to conduction through the skull.

MANSCAN's spatio-temporal dipole source localization and volume current imaging functions allow you to test hypotheses about the generators in the brain of EEG recorded at the scalp, showing results on the subject's MRI.

MANSCAN seamlessly integrates all the hardware, software and data files needed to efficiently perform advanced high-resolution EEG studies. MANSCAN's hardware includes quick application electrode caps, an efficient device called XCALIPER™ for measuring electrode positions, and an advanced digital amplifier called MICROAMPS™. MANSCAN's sixth generation, point-and-click, 32-bit software is fully integrated with the Microsoft NT/W2000/XP operating system running on a PC.

A medical grade version of the EEG-MRI coregistration, DEBLURRING™ and source modeling components of MANSCAN, called IMAGE VUE™, is available from Nicolet Viasys Healthcare.

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